Chanel Woods


  Author & Inspirational Speaker

The Alpha Female Visionary


Many women ask Chanel, on a regular basis, “How did you get to this place in life?” Chanel has had the courage to take her life story, which appears to many as shameful, and one that many would not be willing to tell, and utilize it as a platform. Chanel is a mother, grandmother, author, and speaker. She has the ability to move her audience to tears as she speaks with passion and authority.

With a strong desire to see women of all ages discover their purpose, embrace their life story, and walk it out with complete confidence, Chanel is no stranger to the school of hard knocks. Chanel’s story is an example of how to walk through pain, confront the consequences of poor decisions, and endure the process with poise to “Simply Become”.



Her passions seep through her life, and she is clear about her purpose. Every girl and woman needs a mentor or a coach to help guide her through life's treacherous terrain and to help celebrate personal success. Chanel simply chooses to be the mentor/coach to others that she needed someone to be to her.



 to inspire, protect, and nurture the dreams, goals, and future of girls and women.